Film Festival

Nicholas Quirke was experiencing butterflies on 22nd February as he prepared for his final few days in Australia. It was going to be hard to say goodbye to the Southern Hemisphere particularly to the friends that he had taken to his heart as a 17-year-old lad in England whom he’d had the opportunity to take to his heart all over again. Ollie, Pete, Tony, Martin and most especially the person who had facilitated this for him, Kim who had been the most wonderful host, guide travelling companion and friend. It truly was a wonderful place to be and though he had only seen a fraction of country his mind would be forever full of Uluru, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and all the amazing sights and places he had devoured on his way.  There were still things he needed to organise around his next journey into the unknown and he was anxious that he just wasn’t ready to handle being an Englishman abroad in such alien cultures. He walked into the city to buy an additional bag to travel with and enjoyed spotting some new and interesting statues and sights. It was an extremely hot day and he and he called into the Golpal Restaurant again for some lunch and air conditioning. His trip was a success and went home to focus on his preparations but ended up procrastinating and sorting through his photographs. He idled his time away in this fashion until he realised he needed to get to a restaurant in Carlton where he was meeting Pete Cooper for dinner before they went to see ‘Food Fighter’ which was launching the Transitions Film Festival at Nova. The restaurant was lovely and he a wonderful dish called .Legendary Satay’ which he was pleased to note lived up to its auspicious name. The were joined by Yolanda, whom he had met very briefly at the Australian Open and they had a really enjoyable and engrossing conversation. The film was a documentary about the crusade of Ronni Kahn who has been fighting food waste across the globe. Pete knew her and Nicholas got to meet this fearless activist, who put his efforts in the world into trivial perspective. He was given a lift home and then sat with Kim talking about the day and their experiences. Kim applied a Face Mask during their conversation and it felt to him that he was talking with an alien. The evening finished with more role play, in which Kim worked Nicholas through his paces as Shylock, more laughter and a commitment to find out more about the Fa’fafine



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  1. So wonderful to hear of you reuniting with your friends after all these years, it really does sound like you have found yourself a second home down under xx

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