A Working Day

Nicholas Quirke was feeling very much at home in Melbourne on 21st February as he delved into the working world for a brief moment. He joined Kim on an early start at 16th Street where he was acting as a consultant on some HR issues and policies. The day started with a celebration of Dylan’s 23rd birthday and it was great to see Peter Cooper again, who it transpired was Dylan’s father. It felt really good to be in a work situation where he was able to contribute to the management of a business.  The 2 meetings with Kim, Tara and Emily were fascinating and revolved around policy and process for grievances taking them into the thorny subject of sexual harassment.  He took a lunch break and had found a Vegan establishment in Elsternwick called Cocomama’s. It was a 20 minute walk, and once there he was surprised to find that the food was smoothies or Nachos. He decided on a ‘Smoothie Bowel’ and the discovery that this was an extremely fancy presentation of a smoothie ice cream delighted him. Back at the office he tried to put together a tour package for China and India which started to prove to be more difficult than he had imagined. The day sped by and before he knew it it was 6pm. and he was on his way to the Tara institute to meet Sandra for supper. It was lovely to see her her again and they had a great conversation that touched on all aspects of life. He had no cash though so Sandra had to pay for him. The teachings and meditation with Geshe Doga started at 8pm and proved to be extremely interesting, focusing on the attachments we form in life both good and bad. Sandra was really kind and drove him back to 16th Street. Kim hadn’t quite finished teaching so he sat and read for a few minutes before Kim appeared and called him into the Studio to meet her class who then were really lovely and talked with him though Nicholas was surprised when one young man boldly told him he had been touring in a sex show in Birmingham and when he questioned Kim about it discovered he’d misheard and the lad had worked with Cirque de Soleil.  Kim had not eaten all day so they stopped on the way home at a Chinese Restaurant in the City. They had a great time and really enjoyed themselves talking about gender fluidity and death before heading home and sleep.



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  1. How disappointing that you misheard, think I would have preferred to hear he had been touring in a sex show 😂😂xx

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