Twelve Apostles

Nicholas Quirke was on his final Australian Adventure on 23rd February when he set off with Kim to see the Twelve Apostles and to drive the Great Ocean Road. He was delighted that he would once again be behind the wheel for another Road Trip. Breakfast for him was a Spirulina Smoothie but Kim needed something more substantial and they stopped at a new café on Wellington Parade. They got on the road once they had mastered the GPS and Nicholas became familiar with the workings of Kim’s Mini. There was a little tension as they negotiated the streets of Melbourne but relaxed once they were on the open road.  The journey on this coastal route was in sunshine and heavy showers and proved to be  a great drive involving many amazing sights to stop and see; from the famous surfer Bays of Torquay and Bells, to Aire inlet and Lighthouse. Lunch was taken in a cool cafe at Lorne before moving on and taking in the breath taking views of the ocean. They drove through tropical forests and witnessed a flock of parrots. Kim sourced a charming cottage and a dinner for them at Port Fairy. As always they had immense fun on the drive, their conversations and play punctuated with a variety of business and personal calls. The Twelve Apostles proved to be a spectacular sight and truly worth the effort, especially as just past this popular tourist landmark was the equally impressive view of the Martyrs Bays which was blissfully quiet and free from marauding photographers. Diane was at the cottage when they arrived and showed them around and also advised that the chef at the restaurant, Blakes, was going to make Nicholas a special vegan dish. How appealing! It was a delicious meal in a very relaxed atmosphere. They were both very tired and retired to their beds once they were home.



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