Nicholas Quirke was unable to complete some basic tasks on 29th October 1982, allowing instead feelings of ennui and despair to creep into his Hampstead abode as changes to his world were on the way. This state of mind was quickly dispelled by a visit to the cinema and the normal routine of his day taking over

Nicholas Quirke was without work on 24th October and made a variety of arrangements to obtain an income which he was going to need , despite some disappointment, to maintain friendships and a lifestyle that in his present state of penury he could not afford.

Nicholas Quirke was caught up in a dramatic moment in history and found suspicion fell upon him due to his choice of companions. He had nothing to be guilty of and returned to London with a clear conscience and with a trip to Essex in his sights.

Nicholas Quirke was returning to work and found himself entangled in a web of deceit that was going to be a problem to unravel. He was ashamed to be caught in a lie and its consequences but he still enjoyed the the attention it afforded him.

Nicholas Quirke was needing a rest on 27th September 1980 as he felt weary from a surfeit of socialising. However he was not in control of his fear of missing out and when a surprise offer came his way, rebelling against his natural inclination to stay in, he accepted and went out.