Nicholas Quirke was enjoying spending money he didn’t have with friends and celebrating a Wimbledon final that finally put his hero centre court. A crush made him blush and a film’s stereotyping rankled leaving him despairing over Gay rights.

Nicholas Quirke was teetering on the edge of madness, wallowing in sadness and pleading poverty. Yet none of this stopped him from reading, socialising, seeing a movie and taking a taxi home. He relied on the kindness of friends but their subsides came at a cost to his mood.

Nicholas Quirke was entertaining friends in Brighton on 14th June 1981 and enjoying showing off some the delights of his seaside town to the visitors, prompting memories of his youth and a moment of self disgust, though the cost of putting things right made any repair prohibitive.

Nicholas Quirke was in full spendthrift mode when taking a break from College with Kim; enjoying a day of food, film and dance in the West End. The day encouraged him to reminisce over appearing in a movie with Dustin Hoffman and to lose himself in watching his idol Nureyev.

Nicholas Quirke was surviving on very little sleep and felt himself to be reacting to the whims, moods and desires of his friends and largely ignoring his own. Somehow this selflessness didn’t hold him up when it came to his TV viewing.