I did not have to think twice when my place of work for the past 20 years offered redundancy. Like the eager child in class my hand shot up and begged, “let it be me please!”. I knew immediately that I wanted an adventure, that I wanted to travel and see the friends I have nurtured from the past. I wanted to put security, certainty, routine, expectations, the obvious behind me and confound myself. America, Australia, China, India beckoned and I have now arrived at the brink. This blog is for anyone who wants to join my 56 year old self on my Odyssey and watch as I circumnavigate the globe and prove to myself that this planet a’int flat  but is round and colourful and endlessly exciting. Don’t expect deeds of daring, beautiful beaches or organised interest, There will be airports, cars, driving, sightseeing, theatres, cinemas. restaurants, friends, weather reports, fashion statements. This is going to be one big, messy, chaotic journey.