Green Sculpture Mall

Nicholas Quirke was at the exit/entry bureau on 22 March 2021 to collect his updated passport before heading to the Parkview Green Fangcaodi mall, for lunch with Peng at the ’Pizza Show‘ Restaurant that boasted 4 vegan pizzas that used ‘tofu cheese’. Having reviled western food he was concerned that for the 3rd day in a row he was eating in an establishment with a distinctly European diet. The mall was for him the lure. It proudly announced its environmental credentials as the first building of its kind in Beijing with transparent glass walls and steel frame structure that proved s a unique level of energy conservation and forms an independent micro climate and environment which optimises climate control system savings. Rain water is also filtered and recycled to provide green irrigation, thus improving water usage. He had only been once before and its unique style had left an impression on him and he was eager to see the quirky sculptures that also adorned the floors. From the moment he walked through the revolving doors with its kinky pig concierge and into the vast cavernous space he was captivated by the images that were literally every where. It was one giant art gallery and he excitedly moved from exhibit to exhibit in amusement and delight. He enjoyed the Pizza Show pizza and the afternoon tea but it was the art which held his attention and kept him enthralled. Work beckoned through and he eventually had to leave for his lesson with the adorable Jean. The film for the evening was a welcome foray into a Chinese ‘art house’ movie appropriately shot in Guangzhou where he would be in a weeks time. ‘All About Ing’ was a beautifully constructed story which through a series of elliptical acts tells the story of a family dealing with the patriarchs diagnosis of liver cancer. He found the camerawork personal and intimate, echoing the sense of impending loss and fear of death that the ‘Ing’ family experience. As a teenager he’d had to deal with the death of his father and for him the story had added added resonance .It captured the confusion, grief, terror and the resilience of life with consummate skill and was heartbreaking without ever being sentimental. Its ultimate message was of hope and though he allowed himself to wallow in memories he was able to take those to bed with him and have happy nights sleep.

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