Vegan Expert

Nicholas Quirke was amused by his transformation into a Beijing Vegan food expert on 21 March 2021 when having joined a ‘Meatless March’ WeChat group for people toying with a vegan lifestyle he was in the unlikely position of recommending restaurants where members could get authentic Chinese food rather than the western style which he had disparaged the day before. He started the day at Chaoyangmen with 4 hours of lessons at Sunrise. He had a new precocious new student join his class with Michael and Apple called Bonny and his lesson with Chloe went very smoothly. It was a lovely sunny day and as soon as he got out of work he jumped on a bike and cycled to Dongsi and ‘Take Your Veg’ where he was meting Peng to sample their new menu. They had been there in January when it had just opened and he was eating only raw food and he had to sit and watch Peng sample the delights while he consumed his own salad. On arrival they were told by the concierge that they were no longer serving but the chef spotted them and had remembered them and the amazing review that Peng had penned and said he would cook for them. This was a good news and he could finally sample the intriguing burgers the restaurant produced. He responded to someone’s comment on they WeChat group and posted pictures of the food and establishment they were in. It seemed to be dominated by westerners and the recipes and the cuisine they were posting had a western bias and looked incredibly plain and dull and he took it upon himself to educate about the Chinese restaurants where they could eat vegan. he immediately had a couple of people ask to follow him on WeChat and he enjoyed the sudden celebrity. A day would not be complete if they did not find somewhere to enjoy tea and a coffee. They tried a new location and Nicholas was pleased to get to use his mandarin, to the amusement of the staff, Debating with the vegan group continued through the afternoon and on into the evening as he shared pictures of the evening meal of Xiang Guo though once they started the evening film the conversation came to an abrupt halt. He loved a heist movie and though he found the script, plotting, directing and editing conventional and a little dull when it came to the robbery he found it sufficiently exciting. Not enough to keep him from sleeping.

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