Making Fu

Nicholas Quirke was feeling like it was a day to stay indoors on 25 January 2021 when he woke and looked out the window at the Caishikou skyline. It was dark, the pollution count was 198 and the temperature was minus 3 degrees. Staying in was the best option and with the promise of some indoor activities that went beyond de-cluttering it looked like it would be a day well spent. Alipay, one of the online payment platforms China used had launched a new year pursuit on their app which included collecting ‘Fu’ each day between the 6th and 12th, ‘Fu’ being banners with various good will messages on them linked to the vernal equinox. He signed up to take part and even got to make his own ‘Fu’ complete with icons and logo on the Ipad, which, would be added to the decorations they would put up once the required ‘spring clean’ had been completed. It surprised him to learn that Peng had never built a Lego model and thus it was with excitement that he launched into spending the morning constructing the New Year tribute. Never having played with Lego meant Peng had no idea of how time consuming the venture would take and as they planned to make a time lapse video Nicholas advised that it would take hours but he still set the camera for 2 hours. When the task was completed 6 hours later, with only a short break for lunch and to see the snow falling, Nicholas laughed at the fact that he was going to have to condense the marathon into a matter of minutes. It had been a trip down memory lane for him as he had not completed a Lego model since he helped Cole assemble Hogwarts castle for one of his birthdays and for first time Peng it had been a baptism of fire. The results were rather splendid and once it had been placed on the table that was his New Year gift to Peng along with the stool and lamp it was a magical sight. He felt he need to stretch his legs and went to the Park for a walk, taking in a slightly different route and seeing it in its winter glory. Surprisingly, as the time building the model had been very sedentary, he managed to complete his fitness goal for the day. The evening ahead was equally inactive with another night in on the sofa watching a movie. The London set ‘Locked Down’ was an unexpectedly light hearted caper about 2020’s Covid’s measures though it did give him some feelings of nostalgia when the familiar sights of his capital city loomed into view. He was rested and the night ahead promised a good sound sleep.


  1. Great choice of song today and I loved the time lapse Lego build. Still enjoying your adventures each day.

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