Some Soul

Nicholas Quirke was determined to get some rest on 24 January 2021 and chilling out in the cinema seemed the ideal way for him to pass the time and remain inert. Peng was lunching with his parents and as he made his way west, Nicholas took a different route to the Broadway cinema, located at the Oriental Plaza Mall which, he thought he had never been to. It was situated close to Wangfujing street and to his astonishment what appeared to be an series of Buildings and hotels actually was the mall and it stretched an entire block. It was not difficult to locate though he did have take two lines and it took him 45 minutes to get to there. Finding the cinema may have been a simple affair, but finding his seat, no 1, on row 9 seemed more of a puzzle. The seat was actually bang in the centre and the seats fanned out from the middle left and right in an odd an even pattern. It was a unique seating plan he had never encountered before and one that he was strangely impressed by. The film ‘The Soul’ was an engrossing story and it was time well spent. It was only a kilometre walk to line 2 which meant only ones subway line to get home and he strolled past Dongden Park which, was often populated by dancers and on this occasion he was lured in by some really ferocious moves. He was particularly captivated by the antics of a dissolute looking couple who with fags dangling from their lips charged at each other in an odd and fascinating manner. He thought it must be some regional dance style, but whatever it was, regardless of the apparent nonchalance, they were dancing with their souls. Having enjoyed the show they put on he went back to the apartment and collected some parcels from the gate for Peng, including a surprising large box which turned out to be a New Year decoration. It was a limited edition Lego set, created to celebrate the oncoming Year of The Ox. It had been some years since he had tackled a Lego set, probably not since the construction of Hogwarts on one of Cole’s Birthdays, and he relished taking on the task in the coming days. It was not a night for completing Lego though and after his chair massage, and watching the end of the preposterous ‘Redemption day’ it was a swift transition to sleep.


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