An Eventful non Event

Nicholas Quirke was being low key on 14 January 2021 with his only expectation being a journey to the school to teach but it seemed more eventful than he had expected. His morning drifted past with a shopping trip to Riri Market, collecting parcels and preparing lunch though he was given food for thought as the new scales that had been purchased gave some microscopic detail to his body’s weight composition and he was dangerously dehydrated. This meant he was going to have to review his liquid intake and he made a plan to ensure he was getting a suitable amount of water inside him. To give some interest to his day he had decided to go yet again to a familiar tearooms near the school in the Galaxy Mall. His tea was uneventful and other than teaching the delightful Jean his lesson, without Lucia, passed without incident. He was annoyed by the inefficiency of the school leader, who had arranged for him to teach his two Friday lessons during the day at 10.30 and 1.30. To his dismay she had not informed the second class that there was a change and they were not free to attend during the day. Fortunately she managed to reschedule at 4pm rather than 6 so it was only 3.5 hours he needed to kill rather than 5.5. It still rankled that it was ill organised. Travelling home he envisioned a lazy night ahead in front of the television, however Peng had alternative plans as he wanted to dismantle another cupboard and Nicholas found himself again, sidekick and handyman to an endlessly restless home improver. The new year clear out was a serious business and there were still more changes and expenses to come. The clear out meant that there was no movie that night which, made a change and he spent some time reading before the final surprise of the evening which was the apartment losing all its water supply. This seemed to be a typically calculated action of the universe when his focus had only turned that day to his consumption of H20. No Proper shower, no proper toilet to end the day. He soothed away any irritations with a session in the massage chair and went to sleep.

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