Testing Time

Nicholas Quirke was spending the day working on 15 January 2020. He only had two classes but the work day was dragged out as there would be a long interruption due to an unfortunate lack of organisation from the school. It was pointless for him to go back home and he promised himself he would find somewhere to eat his lunch and work. If he had been feeling complacent about his skills as a teacher they were sorely tested that day when one of the children started mimicking what he was saying and refused to apologise resulting in a stand off which, he lost. The lesson got even more out of hand when the twins started fighting and throwing things around. It was this behaviour that he had no talent for handling other than attempting to be commanding which, was not very effective in the circumstances he found himself in. He finally managed to regain some control without resorting to help from the other teachers and actually elicited an apology from Yuda and got Alex and Anthony to apologise to each other. It was a relief when the lesson ended and he made his way to Utown Mall and Teasure. To his delight he managed to secure one of the private booths and he happily entrenched himself in it with a cup of tea and his lunch, not to emerge till 2.5 hours later. Back at the school his lesson with Sissi and another pair for twins was an easier matter and when Tim went rogue and sat under the table he found a simple way of managing the situation by filming him and threatening to send it to his parents. It felt like he had done very little, but by the time he was on the subway he felt tired from managing the pesky students and looked forward to an evening of nothing but watching a movie. They watched an intense Taiwanese drama ‘A Sun’ which was compelling but at nearly 3 hours too long and he lost the the ability to keep his eyes open and took himself to bed with the promise of finishing it the following night.

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