A Certain Inertia

Nicholas Quirke was feeling the indecisiveness of his situation had led to a certain inertia that coloured the morning of 29 April 2020. He was still persona non grata when he woke as his health kit still showed him not having passed the required 14 day quarantine period for daring to leave Beijing. He was unable to settle into his routine and as a result flittered between blog and making a video for an Art project, having cups of tea and people watching as he spotted from the widow a team of residents digging up the turf. Peng was in touch with the community officers who were still unable to get the technology to accept his clear credentials but they were prepared to issue him with a certificate proving his quarantine period. It Meant that he had to go to the local office to pick up a copy though it did mean that wherever he went that required a health kit pass for him to gain entry he would need to scan and show his certificate. It complicated matters but it would not deter him though plans to go away for 3 days had now diminished to a day out somewhere in Beijing. Things were changing at rapid pace and there was now news that domestic travel was possible and that the compulsory wearing of masks could end very soon. It was also on the cards that Museums could be opening in time for the labour day holiday. Once he had collected the certificate in the afternoon and been sprayed with water by a vehicle watering the trees he was able to set off on his mission for the day, which would end in meeting Peng for dinner in a Vegan restaurant that had just reopened. This was his third attempt at locating and finding specific parts of the Yuandadu City wall relics, though the main reason for going there was that Peng had lost their bet and he was now to eat Vegan for the next two weeks and the restaurant was located close to the sites Nicholas wanted to explore. It was an extremely warm day and he felt a little overheated and his trip Was finally a success as though he did not see all the wall relics he did see a couple that had been featured in his guide and he could now rest easy. It was a pleasant walk along the canal though the decaying blossom illustrated for him how long it was since he had first ventured to the park in the north of the city. The restaurant was on the bank of the canal and afforded a very pleasant view during the meal which was very specific types of noodles, which they were famous for, along with a miraculous looking vegan fried egg and some delicious deserts of glutinous rice and a small pastry filled with red bean paste. As they left they visited the lavatory which was the most unpleasant he had seen in a long time, it was dirty, it stank and in one of the open cubicles with no door a man was squatting taking a poo. Not how he wanted his dinner to end, though it would, indeed be his dinners end. As it was so warm they took a long walk through the streets to the Subway at the Lama temple. They encountered an illegal truck selling pineapples and oranges with a caged cabin to stop anyone, the police, from grabbing them, and some people dancing on the banks of an idyllically lit river. At the subway station Peng’s Apple Watch had run out of power and they had to wait for it to recharge before they could get through the barriers. It gave him the opportunity to photograph and record the security and health check process at the subway stations before they were dispensed with now the city was well into its rebirth. It was late when they were home and after catching up with the days social media he went to bed.


  1. What a traumatic end to your meal 😱😂 Good news the wearing of masks could end soon, looks like we may have to start wearing them here. Trying to find some that don’t keep slipping off my nose!! xx

    1. The steaming up of glasses with masks is the most odd. I have been wearing masks since January and I am used to it now. I quite like them, despite the monkey look. Xxx

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