Inadvertent Quarantine

Nicholas Quirke was anxious on waking that he was destined for another 14 days in quarantine on 28 April 2020. Peng contacted the Local Community officers who remembered him well, who advised he needed to stay at home today and they would sort out the pass in 24 hours. It was quarantine experience all over again except he was left to his own devices. The experience made him empathise again with his family and friends at home who had not had the luxury he had of venturing forth every day and with those thoughts in his mind he made himself very busy with cooking soup making hummus, washing up, dusting, hoovering, mopping, admin, writing his blog and looking out the windows at the familiar sights of his previous lock in. It was frustrating for him to be kept in but he actually felt the benefit of not rushing around. He was at least allowed outside the apartment and he went in the afternoon sun to collect a parcel that had arrived bearing the spoils of the Marathon that never happend in Tokyo for Peng. He had a great time making a video of the day and was equally excited once Peng was home to eat the food he had prepared and dress up in the promotional items from the run. Disappointment was abated and He felt it was with a day well spent and sat down to watch ‘Extraction’ before desire for bed overwhelmed.


  1. Good to see the return of the domestic goddess! Loved Peng’s Marathon things xx

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