Artisan Essaouira

Nicholas Quirke was woken at 6am on 4th December by the haunting sound of prayer deep guttural moans and whines carried through the morning air and dragged him from his bed and bedroom onto the terrace, where, in his Jahballa nightwear. looking like he was going native, he watched the day dawn amongst the rooftops of Essaouira’s Medina. Once everyone was awake they set off for breakfast at the Vegan restaurant where the night before Hassam had provided Nicholas with an unorthodox takeaway. They were returning the plates that his supper was served on but sadly it was closed and they went to an alternative cafe. His agenda for the day, beyond exploring the city was to resolve the past 5 months issues with his GoPro, he had a notion it was connected with the memory card and he was determined after enjoying the artisan shops and streets and alleyways of the Medina that he would have some success. They went beyond the walls of the city and Nicholas was entranced by the shabby streets that stretched down to the shore. They shopped for groceries, bought some household necessities and got a taxi back. The shopping was loaded onto a carouser and a poor ancient man pushed their bulky buys hesitantly through the narrow crowded streets to Richard and Eileens home. After a short break he set off with Eileen and Jamie to find a memory card and a  missing cable for Jamie’s PlayStation. Progress through the streets were slow as they looked at potential purchases and were stopped by a variety of shopkeepers who ether knew Eileen or were trying to sell their wares. Hassam from the restaurant stopped them and chatted and thanked them for the plates. Success for the Memory card, though it proved to be very expensive. but they failed to satisfy Jamie’s requirements. The excellent news was that the Samsung disc sorted his GoPro problem out and he could film again but to make life more difficult his mobile phone refused to download his photos. His insides rioted with rage but it was indiscernible to his friends as they set off for supper at Beach and Friends, a relaxing beautiful location on the shore. On their way Nicholas was lured by the sight of a Fez into another shop and another purchase and another step closer to the Moroccan look Once home he was able to sort out all his technical issues, handle an attack of cramp, revisit his day in New York in 2017 with Diana and Michelle, before retiring for the night.


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