Morocco Bound

Nicholas Quirke was coming down from performing by going up and jetting off. It was exactly a year since he began the Odyssey and had met with Cole at MOMA in New York and as he was now experiencing a nostalgic anxiety it was exciting to be on a plane again and heading into the wide blue yonder. The heat of Morocco awaited him and the thought putting the damp chill of the UK behind added to the excitement particularly at 4.30 am as he drove to pick up his charge Jamie and drive to Gatwick. On the advice of Rory he got a deal on Valet parking and was delighted to enjoy the luxury it afforded him. The 3 hour flight to Marrekech passed pleasantly and despite warnings of hold ups at passport control, apart from a quizzical, “Is this you”¬† from the border guard when he saw his 10 year old passport their progress through the system was smooth and swift. Having dressed for a winter morning he was a little overwhelmed by the heat and sun as he stepped out into the Moroccan air. It was a 3 hour drive to Essaouira, the home of Eileen and Richard and Nicholas was able to get a wonderful view of the Moroccan landscape, and throughout the drive he started an indiscriminate use of his mobile phones camera capturing images from the Atlas Mountains to market towns, olive and orange trees, to horse and carts, camels and world famous goats in Argan trees. Essaouira was a beautiful seaside town and after being shown the beautiful Riad that Eileen and Richard had bought, they went out to see the sunset over the beautiful shoreline and seascape. A wander round the port, shopping for a Jahbella, a vegan take out and an evening in reminiscing, laughing and folding himself in half to write his blog, provided a great start to this Moroccan adventure.

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