Party of Eight

Nicholas Quirke was still feeling privileged on 3rd January to be staying in Susie’s beautiful home. He had a really good night’s sleep and was feeling in good health and relaxed. He spoke more over breakfast of the Odyssey with Susie and she was suggesting alternative routes and Nicholas was starting to convince himself that he needs to do this for the rest of his life. Driving around the world and absorbing cultures and landscapes. All he needs is to find someone to fund a lifetime of adventure. It was finally time to depart as they needed to get back for a performance of ‘Dream Lover’ at Arts Centre Melbourne, which in a rash and expensive moment they had booked the day before. They arrived in good time and Kim went to get a light lunch, unfortunately there was nothing Vegan on the Menu for Nicholas so he had to go hungry. The show was a new musical about the life of Bobby Darin and his relationship with Sandra Dee, featuring his music. It took a long time to get into the theatre and into their seats as the average age of the audience was ‘90’ but once in their seats they really enjoyed this really entertaining and touching story particularly the reveal that his sister was in fact his mother whereon she performed a really powerful ballad. Almost immediately after they had to get to Elwood for a dinner appointment with Kim’s friends Alyce, Zoe, Lyndel, Donna, Patricia and Cameron. They all met up at Elise’s house but in a strange twist of Fate Alyce wasn’t at home to enjoy the champagne socialising. It was a lovely house with lots of instruments around. Nicholas was sent by Kim to have a look around the home and he unknowingly disturbed Elise’s partner who was asleep upstairs.  and once she was back everyone left in a convoy for the restaurant BangBang which was a Vietnamese fusion restaurant. It was a really entertaining evening with Alyce recounting tales of her New Year in the company of Billionaires and the hotel suite she was ‘Gifted’. Lyndel dropped her card through the slats in the wooden decking floor, never to be recovered and this caused some chaos, though Nicholas was relieved that this was not his card, or his fault. He was delighted that Kim let him drive home. It was a strange experience to be driving on the right again and it made him realise how natural driving on the left had felt for him. At home they finished packing; Nicholas removed all his winter clothes to store at Kim;s till his return to Melbourne in February, He set the alarm for 4.30 am to ensure they got their flight in time and went to bed.









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