Nicholas Quirke was in good spirits on the morning of 2nd January. He thought the tech problems were resolved and that gave him a boost.  Nicholas and Kim were embarking on a short Road Trip to Portsea to stay with Kim’s friend Susie. Their first stop was at Red Hill Bush-land reserve.  On arrival  at lunch time they sat down to a small salad and tea before heading off on a walk through the reserve, It was a lovely day again and the sights of the flora and fauna were really exotic, especially the sighting of an exotic Merinda  bird, flying straight across his line of vision. It was a long and satisfying walk and they chatted with a couple who had lost their children, fortunately they were recovered. They then started the drive to Portsea and were stopped from taking the route they needed as there had been a serious car accident. On the alternative route Nicholas was slightly distressed when he discovered the road kill here appear to be kangaroos. They then contacted Susie she advised that she was not feeling well and wanted to cancel. Kim offered to play Florence Nightingale and Susie beckoned them on. After stopping to buy provisions in Sorrento, and also stopping to look at the spectacular sights of the bay they arrived at Susie’s. Nicholas was astounded by the modernity and chicness of Susie’s home on Port sea,  The house they had built was beautiful and the first feature that he found knockout was the Atrium. then he saw a gorgeous swimming pool which before he could  say ‘Nice pool’ Nicholas who had not bought any swimming trunks was skinny dipping in it. They enjoyed a lovely supper and Susie seemed to rally a bit and welcome their company. An American who relished Nicholas’s travels across her homeland. He retired to update his journal only to find that once again he had technical issues. Sulking he went to bed.







    1. also just realised thta this probably sounded very dark, I should caveat my former comment with the fact I am watching serial killer documentary right now.

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