Gays Against Guns

Nicholas Quirke was awake early and was not sure if this was related to jet lag or simply being in a new and unknown environment. Jenny was awake by 7am and she treated him to breakfast in a Diner, Uotpia, where his breakfast of avocado and home fries was served, for one time only, with a rogue piece of bacon which had found its way into his mouth before he realised what he was eating. From there he set off to meet Cole and his girlfriend, Poppy at MOMA. Along the way he absorbed some of the sights of Manhattan, including ‘The Dakota’, next door to the apartment block he was staying in, outside which John Lennon had been shot; his first subway ride from 72nd street, some Broadway theatres, some very tall and beautiful buildings and The Museum of Modern Art. where, with Cole and Poppy, they enjoyed a fascinating ‘Is Fashion Modern?’ exhibition, the permanent collection and a revealing, inspiring look at the work of photographer Stephen Shore whose career originally started in Warhol’s factory and continues today through Instagram. Nicholas left to meet Jenny at Union Square where she was caroling with her Gays Against Guns choir and into which he found himself inextricably drawn. Their witty subversion of familiar Christmas songs to protest against, gun laws and the current administration proved to be a great hit with the public at the street market and Nicholas found himself some new friends including Ross with a big bass sound. Before they had supper Nicholas bought a temporary phone and a couple of adaptors. The ate at Good Stuff with some of the gang and were joined briefly by Cole and Poppy who came to say goodbye. More hugs farewells and then they headed home. Nicholas and Jenny found themselves lost and going round in circles at 14th street subway for 15 minutes before finding the right platform. It was home and bed after a long and packed day.


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