New York

Nicholas Quirke was relieved on 2nd December that he had finally reached travel day. No more thinking about, waiting about, talking about, planning about, it was finally time to do and he was more than ready. He finalised his packing and discovered that his suitcase felt like he had packed a dead body, it was so heavy he could barely carry it. He decided it was going to be like an Ikea trip and he would vet his packing and dispense of unnecessary items once at Kate’s. A hearty soup for lunch, some photographic foolery and then Kate drove him to Gatwick Airport. He was subjected to the Spanish Inquisition by a security guard at his check in and once sister had seen him through departures he enjoyed the privileges of the airport lounge before heading to Gate 17 and being searched again. Boarding was swift and his seat by be window with extra leg room suited him perfectly. His travel companion was pleasant and helpful, but not very talkative so it was a long flight of eating the vegan prepared meals, watching Baby Driver and some TV. He experienced a thrill when he spotted that they were flying over Nova Scotia and later Boston and his odyssey became very real and truly began when they landed at JFK. Despite warnings he found the American Customs official friendly and efficient, his taxi driver was warm, friendly and behaved with utter integrity and the weather was not cold and lacerating as Nicholas was led to expect. He was excited to be in a Manhattan apartment block with a doorman and exquisite lift. Jenny had prepared some falafals,  salad and humus. For him and the planned the next day He was excited to get to bed to wake and experience a New York day with Cole.

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