Shanghai bound

Nicholas Quirke was making the most of of his day of rest on 21 July 2021 and was determined to not do anything but relax. He was so tired from the trip that he virtually did nothing on 2July 2021. He ate, he laundered, he watched TV, he played some games and he dozed. Aside from watching ‘Black Widow’ which, was full of action and fun but felt too formulaic for him to really enjoy it and he found the ‘comedy’ a bit embarrassing and unnecessary, the day flowed effortlessly into night and sleep and into the 22 July 2021 when he had to prepare for his night train to Shanghai that evening. It was another day of taking it relatively easy and other than packing and making lunch it was another day of not venturing out. He had Enjoyed ‘Fear Street 1996’ and was happy to go and going back in time for a prequel 1978. . He thought it was an all round better film. It still had corny moments but he was more engaged with characters story, it made more sense and it’s summer camp setting gave it a really nostalgic feel. Added to that there were the thrills the spills and bloodcurdling chills and part 3 was perfectly set up. Thus the day was idly spent until 7.30pm when he set of on a bike to the Beijing Station. This would be the last trip in China that he would take and it seemed appropriate that he was taking a sleeper train from the station he had arrived at on a sleeper train from Mongolia inJanuary 2020. He was full of nostalgia as he checked into the crowded station, remembering how he was the only person, apart from the guards, who had stepped of the train nearly 18 months ago. He liked cyclical sequences and this seemed an apt ending to the cycle he had been on. He was sharing his cabin with a family and an economist called Victor who had studied in Norwich and could speak English. Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city and other than chatting with Victor no one else seemed interested which was a change and oddly relaxing it also meant that the facilities on the train were a lot more impressive with usb charging points and even WiFi. It was lights out by 22.00 and difficult todo any work so he played scrabble and Blockudo on his phone till he eventually allowed the movement and the sounds of the train lull him to sleep.

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