The Party is Over.

Nicholas Quirke was saddened to see that the last vestiges of the new year celebrations were being stripped down from the streets on 18 March 2021. He had loved seeing the myriad reds and golds, the decorations that were strewn through the trees, roads and districts of the city and seeing a necropolis of lanterns dumped on they sidewalk gave him a small twinge of regret that the party was finally deemed to be over. Though the pollution levels were lower, the day was dull and damp and spending the morning indoors was preferable but as he had a teaching assignment that afternoon with a new group of students, back in the classroom, he was going to have to brave the atmosphere. After lunch he made his way to Galaxy mall for a tea before teaching began. He was impressed to see some water features were turned on in the mall for the first time in over a year which, was a good sign that life really was starting to return to normal. He had spoken with Jenny about the cancelled lessons and because of some changes to the management of after school establishments following the CCP Congressional meeting the paperwork and documentation of classes was tightening up and they were going to be much more accountable for the work that was done. Apparently there were a lot of shares in the extra curricular field and tightening up on the regulations would hopefully mean a better and longer lasting learning experience for the children. His lesson that evening was with three boys, Willis, Harry and Yo-yo. He was crammed agin into the tiny room at the back of the school and for the firsts time he was properly observed. Fortunately he had prepared well and the lesson went well despite the cheeky and sometimes crude chat from the young boys. Willis especially kept on about “Oli Gai’ which is an impolite and childish expression term for defection. Peng was anxious to see Zack Snyder’s cut of ‘The Justice League’ which, at four hours long meant Nicholas had to make a swift journey home. The comic book action film was a lot more engrossing than he had expected but after two hours they needed a break and agreed to resume the next day. In the meantime he continued to watch the Young Vic’s ‘Cat on A Hot Tin Roof’ on National Live which in the free month he had been given he had made full use of having also seen Mosquitoes’, ‘Angels in America’ and ‘Amadeus’. The new series of ‘For All Mankind’ had also attracted his attention and with this catholic group of stories and media on his mind he welcomed in the sandman.

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