Chu San: Movie Madness.

Nicholas Quirke was oddly connected to ‘Chu San’ the third day of New Year celebrations on 14 February 2021 as it was purported to be the day Pig was created and he found himself in a FaceTime conversation with his son Cole who was born in the year of the pig. Fortune and luck were characteristics of this sign and he sincerely hoped that in the ever present expectations of new year Cole would benefit from thoughts of goodwill and affluence that was heralded on this day. It was a day that demanded the eating of Hezi, small pancakes filled with vegetables and naturally breakfast had to consist of this delicacy. During the first two days of new year there’s should be no cleaning, lest one sweeps away the good luck that comes from all the work that had been done to ensure fortune comes your way at the spring festival and same applies for doing any laundry or washing hair as the water gods need to be spared from working. This meant that it was also the day when cleaning could recommence and he found himself once again dusting, vacuuming and mopping. There was a reward though at the end of this industry as once it was over the self created film festival could continue and they returned to the remote, largest in the world, Film museum for another movie. They had arrived with plenty of time to have a look at more of the exhibits and he was excited to see details of the first film made in China in 1905, a segment from the Peking Opera ‘Conquering the Jun Mountain’. He had seen the plaque which had been erected in Qianmen area where the film had been shot which was also close to the Danguanlou cinema where its was screened. He had been intending to go to for to this tiny cinema in a Hutong for sometime and discovering that it was the site where the first film made was screened made him even more determined to go there when it opened again after the Spring festival holiday. Nicholas experienced a rare moment of unpleasantness when they sat down to have a drink and some nuts and removed his mask. A customer shouted at him and told him to put his mask back on. “I am eating you wankstain!” was his knee jerk reaction to the unwelcome interference followed by engaging in a stare off with the fortunately uncomprehending busybody. This was swiftly followed up by a visit from the security who were suitably dispatched by Peng. When he had been in Beijing in 2018 he had seen Detective Chinese 2 and this 2021 new year had seen the release of the third movie in China’s blockbusting series and it was this comedy/action romp set in Japan they would be enjoying. He appreciated the film and found most of it entertaining and amusing though the broad humour sometimes made him feel a little uncomfortable. The film ended with a hint that ‘Detective Chinese 4’ would be set in London. It was the 14th of February and that meant it was Valentine’s Day and they celebrated with a dinner out at The Four Season’s Hotel fancy ‘Cai Yi Yuan’ Michelin Star restaurant. It was another very delicious meal and he even had a glass of wine but when it came to paying he noticed on the receipt hey had been charged nearly £50 for 2 servings. After checking the price of the vino they had ordered they questioned the waiters. The bill was rewritten and they were given the wine they did have free of charge which was a saving of £30. He was very pleased by the result and satisfied with day. The late hour meant it was straight to sleep when they got in.

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