Being Productive

Nicholas Quirke was trying to be productive on 7 December 2020 and left the home by 9am to reach Teasure at U Town Mall where he intended to spend the day dealing with admin and trying to get his work and endeavours up to date. It was too distracting in the apartment and he was still, as throughout his life, easily sidetracked. He was surprised on leaving the apartment at the destruction the wind had wrought on the environment overnight. Leaves and twigs, ripped from the branches of the trees that lined the street, were strewn across the road and a small army of workers were doing their best to clear up the debris of a stormy night before the day advanced further. He had hoped to get one of the small booths at Teasure which offered comfort and privacy but he was already too late. Like himself, many people found a spot to utilise the WiFi and take advantage of the never ending pot. He worked steadily, missed lunch and achieved quite a bit but by 2pm he was feeling a little restless and decided to move location. He had promised to buy a new vegan bread product which used Oatly milk in its recipe for Peng and stopped by Tous le Jours. He managed to get lost and actually ended up at the school an hour and a half early but managed to complete some work there before his delightful students arrived. The girls worked hard and he left at 6pm satisfied and looking forward to whatever was on the film menu for that evening. Watching the ‘Happiest Season’ a pleasant LGBTQ rom com with Kirsten Stewart, proved to be an undemanding, seasonably fluffy experience and made going to sleep an equally mellow affair.


  1. Love your advent ‘candle’ and so nice that you get endless pots of tea whilst you’re working x

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