Nicholas Quirke was going the cinema again on a Saturday Morning on 5 December 2029. Peng had been waiting  for  the Movie ‘Monster Hunter’ to premiere in China and now it was here they were going to see it in smart Emperor Group Centre IMAX cinema. They set off after a breakfast of Jian Bing and rose Soya milk in staggeringly blue skies that masked the absolute icy chill that was in the air but the buildings looked magnificent and he couldn’t resist capturing the monolithic towers once again. On arriving at the cinema Peng could not get their tickets to the film and when questioning the staff discovered that the film had been banned overnight as it was discovered to contain a pointlessly racist slur, a pathetic childish rhyme about the Chinese and knees. It had quite rightly caused a stir and the clip which, was available online seemed so irrelevant one had to wonder at iota inclusion. Nicholas was not familiar with the doggerel and was actually unsure as to why it was so offensive as it seemed to be a silly play on words. This sparked a vigorous debate with himself and Peng on what was racist however, when he lookouts into the origins on the always useful google he learned that the rhyme, “‘Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees / Look at these.’ (Point to your tits.)” was chanted at Asian youths and  children would sometimes pull their eyes into slits to make clear the object of their contempt. This was then clearly racist and was to be condemned. It was too early for the lunch they had planned in a new Vegan restaurant and instead they had a long coffee break with Nicholas for once having a coffee as the establishment did not do tea. Once the lunch hour struck they went to find ‘Exceptmeat’, which provided a western style menu of hotdogs and meatballs with rice. It was tasty, but it was something he could cook for himself and therefore a little disappointing. They finished their expedition with a visit to another coffee house, Qings, which was a stylish establishment in the Sanitul Mall and where Peng had a customary piece of cake, Nicholas was therefore surprised when on their way home not only did Peng indulge in a ice cream served in a croissant but as they left the subway station dragged him into Paris baguette to look at the cake in there. The film fare that evening was creepy Spanish horror ‘Don’t Listen’, not relaxing entertainment on which to go to sleep on.


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