A Technical Break

Nicholas Quirke was once again facing major technical problems on 25 June 2020. Posting his blog with video and photos was becoming an almost impossible task. He was getting further and further behind due to issues with iCloud and slow server response with WordPress. The weather forecast was stormy and as he was particularly weary after a day of climbing mountains and rowing boats, staying in to try and resolve the burgeoning problems seemed a sensible and smart thing to do. It was his cleaning day too and a growing mountain of ironing was beckoning. It was a definitely a day of domesticity. It was also Dragon Boat Festival and he made a good wish video which he put out on every piece of social network he could. It would certainly help fill a gap in the blog publication. As it was another day of staying inside he felt it imperative that he exercise and once again he took to the treadmill and watched another episode of ‘Defending Jacob’ as he did. Peng’s day had been a Pointless trip to have a free neighbourhood COVID19 test but didn’t have the patience to wait in queue had been quietly suffering with toothache and took off to the emergency dental hospital. He caught up with his mother and sister and was happy to hear lives back home were improving. Another film, ‘Taking Shelter’ was an engrossing though depressing look at mental illness and suited the lethargic mood bought the day to its close.


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