Lotus Market

Nicholas Quirke was anxious to spend some part of 10 June 2020 talking with his sister Kate who was celebrating her birthday that day. A merry hour was passed getting up to date and having a quality chat. This was at 9am uk time which was 4pm in China though most of the day had been spent trying to get a short film about quarantine downloaded from ICloud, which was still not working properly and telling him he had no storage left when he clearly had a lot. Apple had been clear that the servers in China were unreliable and he would have to suck it up and hope for the best. Thus he was looking forward to an evening out with Peng and even more because after 3 previous attempts he was finally going to be allowed into the Lotus market, which now Hutong restrictions had been lifted meant he could now go deep into the area of historic Beijing homes that been remodelled to be an cultural area of restaurants and bars on the banks of the romantic Shichahai river. He encountered The Kite flyers, the street musicians, who had grown into a full blown orchestra with singer, Erhu’s percussion with gongs and cymbals, but most exciting of all he passed through the gate temperature checked and into a zone of tranquil beauty of a balmy summer evening. He met up with Peng who was anxious to eat and as Vegan dining seemed impossible to find they settled for a bagel and for Nicholas a pear tea. InHe found some Ghost signs and a post office that had been operating since 1896. Dusk was falling as they strolled leisurely Along the banks which added to the beauty of the scene and as they walked they saw bar after bar was now open with live entertainment in them, which was wonderful to see performers able to practice their craft again, They saw fishermen, guys sporting ‘Mankini’s’, locals sitting out talking enjoying the new found freedom and mood. It was idyllic and they dragged out the evening with a walk through the Hutongs to Ping-Anli and the subway. It was late when they got home and once they had completed the washing ritual the day ended with a sleep.


  1. Really stunning. The sound track really enhanced the experience. What is it about water that can so transport the soul?

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