What a Spectacle

Nicholas Quirke was annoyed that the glasses he bought just before he left the UK in January had broken on 4 June 2020. He was given instructions and directions by Peng to a place where he could get some decent glasses cheaply, which would give him a ride and also get him to an area famed for its antique markets. It was a cycle South East which was not an area he had explored much and was annoyed with himself when he found he had not put the memory card back in his go pro which meant to do any filming he had to use his phone. He was was pleased though to discover a new route and see some of the roads he had not travelled. He passed the Temple of Heaven and again cycled past the road where his original hotel had been. He had developed a fondness for the area he had got to know in they depth of winter and was amazed that 6 months later he was still here and feeling at home in the city which had then been an alien playground. The heat was again really intense and by the time he reached the footbridge that would take him across the carriageway to his destination he was wet from the humidity and feeling rather uncomfortable. There was no doubt that he was in the right area as he spotted from the bridge a building with a large pair of spectacles clinging to it. What astounded him was discovering that Beijing actually has an entire mall covering 6 floors completely, totally dedicated to the selling of eyeglasses and eyglass accoutrements. This made looking for the right frames very difficult, particularly as he was one of a few customers roaming the facility and they all were looking beadily at him ready to pounce when he entered their establishment. He found quite a few he liked and there were even a couple that were completely impractical but sated centric tastes. He made a list of the ones he liked and would return on Saturday with Peng in tow to negotiate. He had spent to much time there and was starting to feel very dry and went in search of the Antique Mall which had a tea rooms. Along the way he was a delighted to discover the sight Of a host of Hollyhocks, usually reserved for the English countryside But thriving here on the side of a busy carriageway. Sadly the tea house was closed but he did enjoy looking at some of the expensive nicknacks on display In the parts of the market that were open.§§ The temperature had soared and he was reluctant again to pedal back in the oppressive heat and walked instead to the subway and even though it required a change of line he took the train back arriving back in the neighborhood at exactly the same time as Peng. Despite feeling weary, after supper, when for desert he ate the most Chinese of fruits, Lychee for the first time since being in China, Peng was in his minimalist mode again and was reorganising the kitchen getting Nicholas involved in the space creation. It. Looked lighter and was much more to his likening. It seemed to him that he had achieved very little during the day, but he was nonetheless ready for sleep by the end of the day.


  1. I like the slimmer & smalller circles…. brass nice. Beware the heavier black circle architects spex.:you’d be joining Alan Yentob & Una Stubbs and may start wearing tooo much black & grey…. X

  2. A whole mall dedicated to spectacles, amazing!! Look forward to seeing what you chose in the end! xxx

  3. The little round one’s were scary. Like a creepy Bond villan or of course as Peng suggested a fish x 😁

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