Mall Rat

Nicholas Quirke was looking out of the window at the rain when he woke on 8 May 2020 and decided he would have to find an alternative to parking. He suggested to Peng that he find a Mall and spend some time browsing shops and sitting reading with a tea. Peng immediately suggested a new high end mall SK.S which was close to the Mexican Restaurant they had agreed to eat at that night. The good news was it was an hours cycle ride away to the east, the bad news was the weather was still intemperate. He occupied himself with some research, writing and ironing. He consumed 2 wraps and a smoothie for lunch before setting of on his expedition across the city. Though he had been this Far East he had not cycled the whole way before and miraculously throughout the hour long pedal the rain abated and he remained dry. The Mall was new and had been attracting attention in Beijing for the displays, the art, the eccentric sculptures that featured throughout the mall, in fact, on entering he was greeted by the sight of a pen of sheep accompanied by loud baas. His favourite was the swaying grass and the penguins. After exploring he found the Lung his Teahouse and enjoyed a pu’er with rose tea as he did some reading. Peng was joining him for supper at the fascinating mall as a good chain, Baker and Spice, who did some good vegan dishes, had an outlet there and he checked that they were open until 10pm and all dishes were available. While waiting for his friend he told another look at the store, including, in their quirky bookshop, a tome with a picture of an FB friend Michael Atters Atree on the cover, a sweet reminder of Brighton life. When Peng arrived they went to the restaurant where to his dismay they were told they could only buy drinks. Nicholas made a comment about having asked about food and the opening times and the guy just shrugged. This meant cycling further to a Mexican in another Mall where they consumed some spicy and delicious tacos. They picked up the car for their trip to Gubei Water Town the next day once and once they were back at the apartment packed and got ready for the weekend out of Beijing.


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