Canal Walk

Nicholas Quirke was appreciating more muted day on 10 April 2020. He was not experimenting with food which had consistently irritated his bowels for several days and his diet was going to be plain and simple fare which he knew and understood the effects of. Like his consumption, his day was also plain and simple. After a slow morning at home he went with Peng, who had a job interview, to the Goumao area and while his friend endured the rigours of selling himself with a well prepared presentation he took a promenade along the canal banks. It was located in Beijing’s Central Business district and was probably the closest he had been to a sight that was almost always present, no matter where one was in Beijing, of the CITIC Tower, a super tall skyscraper, popularly known as China Zun, 109-storeys, 528 m 1,732 ft and is the tallest in the city. On the walk Nicholas found pleasure not only in the wider view but in the smaller things and he found himself in a pretentiously creative mood, capturing the sights, from the sculptures, the people, the blossom, the water, the reflections, the buildings, the decay in as artistic away as possible. The results weren’t always to his satisfaction but it had given him a lot of pleasure to capture the shapes, angles, curves and colours. He met Peng and they went for a tea at Teasure, where his friend worked and he read while drinking an endless pot of Tieguanyin Oolong tea. It was a relaxing and calm couple of hours and once the tea was exhausted by the refills they went in search of supper. A Mexican tofu burrito bowl satisfied the hunger and they made their way home via cycle and subway. In keeping with the day the evening was sedate and they watched films; a substandard piece of DC hokum called Harley Quinn which they abandoned and the gripping The Invisible Man. Sleep naturally followed the enervation of the relative inactivity.


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