Praha Passes

Nicholas Quirke was feeling like he was the last person on earth to visit this fabled city. In the past few weeks several friends had trod this path, though none, he noted had entered the city via the congruent train lines of Europe and he felt smug about his carbon footprint on that score. Therefore, he imagined there was nothing new he could present and even his idiosyncratic eye would disappoint. On waking, from a deep and fitful sleep and only the slightest ache from his ever attention seeking sciatica, he realised he had not finalised plans for the day in Prague but with such a short visit a ‘Hop On, Hop Off’ sightseeing Overview of the city would satisfy his purposes. After he breakfasted in the ‘Poop’ restaurant and had bought his bus ticket he headed into the city. Nicholas withdrew some krona from a bank and found the experience strangely frustrating and feeling the need to collect himself he used the ‘HappyCow’ App to locate a Vegan cafe. He suffered his usual mishap with ‘Maps’ which had him circling himself. It seemed the cafe did not exist and he settled for a stylish looking patisserie and worked on the route he wanted to take. He had to collect his actual ticket from the waxwork museum, a fact that amused him especially as only yardS from this attraction he discovered Madame Tussaud’s, The Czechs, it appeared had a taste for effigys and museums in general and he spotted one for the Senses and another for sex machines. The next 5 hours wets happily spent getting on and off buses, learning about the sights and history of yet another European city whose 20th Century was fraught with the occupations of tyrannous regimes from the Nazis and Heydrich, architect of the final solution, to the communists from 1948 to 1989. He visited the beautiful harrowing and haunting Memorial to the victims of Communism, drank in the baroque, bohemian architecture , the spires and towers, and swallowed the vista of churches and bridges. Bridges over the water, over the city , a bridge from which more than 300 hurtled to their death till a special fence was built to stop them. He was reminded of defenestration, and saw a Modernist television tower with babies crawling up it and a spot where two freedom fighters met their end. He also spotted the king of grogs blossom. It was a day of stories and drama and He watched it all till he created his own drama by leaving the bus and getting lost. But then he would never have had the happy accident of finding a ghost sign and the chicest piece of graffiti ever. What an exquisite city. An inner radar though got him back to familiar territory and after buying supper he went back to the hotel. He had made prolific use of his GoPro but sadly the media was not downloading and to release the tension It created in him he took a break from the nautical life and had an evening stroll along the river bank again to Think and plan for tomorrow; another day of trains across Europe. Specifically as for Nicholas it would be the first time he had experienced a sleeper train. Thus, with sleep on his mind, he packed and retired for the night


  1. Breakfast in Poop?? Hope it was better than it sounds 😜 Good to know the tech issues continue, wouldn’t be a real Odyssey without them! Great photos x

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