Delhi Hell

Nicholas Quirke was holding back the expletives on 8th March as he stood in open-mouthed horror at the words he heard fall from the Hotel Managers lips. He had started the day in optimistic fashion at 5am with Amrit waving him off in a Uber. The flight was smooth he had a great window seat and he was arriving at a sensible time of 11.15. He struggled slightly with the Uber and the driver who was trying to take him somewhere else, but considering it was a nice hotel Nicholas stood his ground but did agree to be taken into Delhi later. Delhi was a diversion, he had felt he could not be in India and not see the Taj Mahal, so as he discussed with the Hotel the best way of getting to Agra the next day he found himself saying in shock, ‘You are Joking’! “No sir.” said the young man alarmed by the colour having drained from Nicholas’s face, ” The Taj is shut on a Friday”. Feeling stunned by the news he was told that his driver was here. He could not concentrate on what the driver was saying as he tried to think what he would do the next day when his misery hit a new low when his beloved Moscot sunglasses broke. A rare glimpse of histrionics occured and it was back to the hotel to get his Ray-Bans and to look at Jaipur. Plans were made and he sset off to enjoy the sights of Delhi. The traffic was appaling but he was pleased he saw, The India Gate and the parliment buildings, as well as the remarkble ancient remins of Quitb Minar. He struggled to get cash out of an ATM which was a further dissapointment as he had decided to go a step beyond the foot massage and a full one to relax the tensions from him so instead it was a dinner at the hotel and bed, ready for his early start the next day


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  1. Closed? Unbelievable, how disappointing. You still got to see some fantastic sights though x

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