Nicholas Quirke was disappointed to discover in himself that he lacked the passion to fight and this revelation led to some profoundly shallow soul searching. His recent actions left him feeling judged and rudderless. These emotions had an effect on his mood and led to some bad behavior at the theatre.

Nicholas Quirke was fleeing a night of over-indulgence, traveling back to London and into the a world of video, booze and knitting where once again sleep eluded him. Episode 52 in A Day in the Year of a Nobody. Dedicated to Dee Sadler

Nicholas Quirke was enjoying spending money he didn’t have with friends and celebrating a Wimbledon final that finally put his hero centre court. A crush made him blush and a film’s stereotyping rankled leaving him despairing over Gay rights.

Nicholas Quirke was teetering on the edge of madness, wallowing in sadness and pleading poverty. Yet none of this stopped him from reading, socialising, seeing a movie and taking a taxi home. He relied on the kindness of friends but their subsides came at a cost to his mood.