Nicholas Quirke was perturbed by the way his day worked out. Due to commitments he had turned down seeing his son Harvey and subsequently his dear friend Rory. He finally, after some very early starts and lack of sleep, managed to have an extra long and deep slumber and on waking at 8 discovered his friend in Denver, whom he was doing some online work for wanted him to work a session later that day. It was going to be another active and full day after his days of gardening and working with the horses. his first appointment was cancelled due to the ill health of his friend, but this gave him the opportunity to prepare his work for the online examining, and it also gave him the opportunity to do more clearing of the flat, though he made a big mistake in thinking that examining a suitcase full of correspondence dating back to the mid 70’s would be a swift and easy matter to deal with. Nicholas had never thrown away a personal item of mail and as he began to explore the extensive contents, priceless treasures began to reveal themselves. A birthday card from the ‘Pop Lady’ , a shop they went to when on holiday in the New Forest, piles of letters from lost old friends, Kate Ley’s, Angela Cody, and letters from people, he hesitated to call friends, he no longer knew who they were. There were a host of notes that had been passed around during some classes at Drama Centre and further letters from now deceased friends and family members. This quick clearout turned into an immense task and actually occupied the time that he had when his training was cancelled leaving him with only one final opportunity to leave his home. He went to his friends to do some additional recording for the podcast, a welcome break, before returning home to face the emotional roller coaster he had embarked on. Nicholas felt the whole day had gone off balance an that he had missed the opportunity to get some really needed work done and though he managed to get his years of correspondence in order before disposing of the unwanted and unknown, he wold be going to bed with more serious issues undone.

Nicholas Quirke was was avoiding reviewing his year on new years eve 2018 which had started with Fireworks in Melbourne and was ending on his own in his flat in Brighton, counting the cost of Christmas; financially, physically and metaphorically. It was something of a whimper with which his year had finally finished; losing his precious sunglasses, experiencing another puncture, a parking fine, losing his lodger and losing his cool with his offspring. And though he was extremely grateful for the company he had enjoyed, from his family on Christmas, to the occasional company of friends and the parties of Peta Taylor in Newhaven and Helen Nevitt’s 60th, he was surprised, but not disconcerted, that his festive season had been so quiet. He was used to his own company, but of course in a fixed spot, he reflected, there wasn’t the same desire to get out and explore or challenge himself. Was his worst outcome starting to happen? Was he becoming complacent again. Though he hated to make New Year Resolutions, hated setting himself up for disappointment, hated the optimism that would fade, he did realise that he needed a plan. 2019 was going to require something audacious from him and a new look, new lodger new friends was not going to cut it. Nicholas was not in rush to make decisions but decisions would be made and his one resolution for 2019 was that it would be be a very different outlook to the one he was enjoying right now by the end of the year