Nicholas Quirke was caught up in a dramatic moment in history and found suspicion fell upon him due to his choice of companions. He had nothing to be guilty of and returned to London with a clear conscience and with a trip to Essex in his sights.

Nicholas Quirke was returning to work and found himself entangled in a web of deceit that was going to be a problem to unravel. He was ashamed to be caught in a lie and its consequences but he still enjoyed the the attention it afforded him.

Nicholas Quirke was needing a rest on 27th September 1980 as he felt weary from a surfeit of socialising. However he was not in control of his fear of missing out and when a surprise offer came his way, rebelling against his natural inclination to stay in, he accepted and went out.

Nicholas Quirke was recovering from rising to a challenge at his cousins wedding. Excess had left him aching and sluggish. He had enjoyed the attention from relatives though his attempts to rescue Cousin Steve’s through his own future plans failed. So with his Brother and dreams of creative success, headed back to London life.

Nicholas Quirke was astonished by what he packed into his day despite being lost in the boredom and isolation of work once his fellow temp had been removed. A swim caused him some embarrassment and rehearsals left him confused. A lightness of being was bought to his day when he was indulged in a cabaret.

Nicholas Quirke was dazed and confused when floored by an accident on 13th September 1979 and a mystery was solved when he went under the scalpel. He made the most of the time it had afforded him, flat hunting and meeting friends who populated the remainder of a dizzying day.