Class Act

Nicholas Quirke was feeling at a loss on 29 June 2021. Peng was at the office all day for the first time in months and though he sat and worked on his blog the flat felt eerily empty and even the activity of making lunch for himself seemed strangely pointless. He ate the leftovers from the previous days lunch, felt a little sick and went out. He went to a park and to kill time walked through his favourite Hutong which once again, in honour this time of the 100 years of CCP, was festooned with flags. He chatted with a passer by, Kun from Wuhan who stopped to talk with him and then he went by subway to Galaxy mall and TaeTea. He worked on his blog and caught up with some friends from uk. He’d had news that dear friend was seriously unwell and troubled by the news he wrote them a letter. He was intrigued to note that some filming was happening right outside the window and for some time he sat and watched the small group at play. It was very hot and on his way to the school he stopped at the 7/11 to get some refreshing ice grape balls. He was excited to discover they were selling peach flavour which, turned out to be as delicious as they looked. The class of five were in a lively mood and to make things more fun he tried to get them to do some acting and he filmed them attempting a conversation. They did have fun and so did he laughing when the cheeky Leo said he didn’t like English and then giggled at his nerve. The day on paper seemed shorter than it had felt particularly as the film they watched. ‘In The Height’s’ was lacklustre. He wanted to like it. It seemed to be coming from a radical place, he enjoyed a good musical and the creative team looked great. But ultimately he found it a whining and uninspiring offering that had him searching for something else to watch. On reviewing his day he felt it had been as uninspiring as the movie and on that thought he went to sleep.

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