Father’s Day Drama

Nicholas Quirke was not happy that his day, Fathers Day, started with such drama on 20 June 2021. With temperatures set to climb into the high 30s the last thing he wanted was for his feathers to ruffled. He set off for his lesson in the sunshine and an accompanying soundtrack filling his ears through his AirPods, feeling on top of the world. When the music suddenly stopped and he saw his phone case swinging emptily from the rucksack he had put in the basket on the front of his bike. Panic ensued as he searched the street, under cars looking for the missing item. He retraced his steps and eventually went home to try and get on the WiFi and also get Peng to phone whoever had picked it up. Retracing his steps meant he was probably going to be late and so he quickly fired off an email to lily to warn her. As the always to be relied on Peng managed to locate the phone which appeared to be in the vicinity he was looking. He hoped it had not gone down the drain and as Peng cycled off to get the item he had to walk as without the phone he couldn’t open his bike, or pay for anything the horror of not finding it gripped him on the walk. It had of course been recovered by a guard in the street, who had the foresight to ask the Chinese man looking for the item, but not the Laowai who had clearly lost something when he frenziedly searching. Anyway, it was returned to him and he could go on his way. As it turned out he was not late and in fact arrived before Lily who he had informed of his possible tardiness.  The lesson was fine, though the early morning drama and the heat seemed to have drained him and he presented for the lesson and the rest of the day a languid demeanour. He remained unfazed when told that his second class of the day had been cancelled though It meant a change to Peng’s plans who now had to leave earlier than anticipated. It was his feeling that he had eaten way too much while away and was worried that the pounds he had shed were creeping back up but did not have the energy to refuse lunch at Jing Ding Xuan where he was originally going to meet at 1.30pm. He cycled in that direction and made a very short detour to Veggie table to have an Ice Cream. The machine was being cleaned but he had time to wait and as he did so he was surrounded by twenty odd, stick thin, look alike girls of similar height, all wearing white wrangler tee shirts and excessively short shorts, their hair in a pony tail. It was some sort of fashion shoot. He was sitting in the shade and though they were taking pictures he was not going to move till his ice cream was ready. The restaurant when he reached it was bustling with activity and he got a ticket and was given a 30 minute wait . They had provided customers with large umbrellas for shade while they waited which, was very different to the tents they had erected in the winter too protect them from the cold and he made himself comfortable. The numbers were called in chinese and though he was on his own and it was quite difficult to hear clearly over the muffled tannoy he was delighted when he heard 46 and made his way in. He was shown to the table and communicated that he was waiting for a companion before he would order. Peng wasn’t long and as he feared with many new dishes on the menu there was some over-ordering.  Despite eating to much when Peng wanted to stop at veggie table for an ice cream he couldn’t stop himself from having another. At home he received messages from his sons wishing him well on Father’s Day and they both posted a couple of heartwarming photo memories. He looked forward too a good movie, but they watched ‘’Infinite”, a preposterous and banal story that passed the time but the wood that is Merk E Mark at Its centre failed to ignite any real interest for him. He went to sleep relieved that the drama that started this day was not the tone on which it ended. Nicholas Quirke was delighted to be starting his day on 21 June 2021 with a fast. He was finally going to break the cycle of gluttony he had recently fallen into. It made the morning a bit difficult but once he was one his way to a late morning trip to the cinema food was the last thing on his mind. A film during the day, particularly when the weather was fine was a special treat and in the extreme heat heat an ideal one. He was not convinced though by the poster that this would be an ideal film for him but coming hot on the heels of fathers Day the film touched a nerve. Overcoming all odds an estranged father finds his way back to his son who through fear has only ever done his best for his boy. After losing his wife to multiple sclerosis he is afraid to let his son follow his dream and he lose him too but circumstances find him eventually colluding with his ambition to run a marathon. Based on a true story it pulls every sentimental trick in the book but for once he was happy to be played and gave his heart to the pair and the story. He was excited too by the trailers for some upcoming films, in particular ‘1921’ a fictionalised account of the formation of the CCP celebrating its 100 year in July. When the film was over he cycled to the station as he felt the 7km ride was too much in the height of the afternoon sun. Jeans lesson passed quickly and he was on his way home before he knew it to watch another film ‘Oslo’ which proved to be a fascinating and emotional insight into the peace accord between Israel and Palestine in the early 90’s, the effects of which, though not providing a lasting peace could be seen to this day as he had witnessed on his own trip to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The edifying fare was slow enough to lead him a drowsy numbness and sleep once again overwhelmed him.

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