Flight from Beijing

Nicholas Quirke was ready for another adventure on 9 June 2021, though the flight from Beijing was not until the early evening. Severe weather warnings were announced and it was likely that the flight would be delayed, possibly cancelled! He couldn’t think of a time In his life where his travel plans were potentially disrupted which made him realise just how lucky he had been. The morning was whiled away in last minute preparations and cleaning before the journey began with a Didi to the airport. The weather was bad and was getting worse and it did not surprise that when they got to the airport flights had already been delayed and there was a back log. They were there especially early as Peng had a work meeting and needed to find a quiet corner to work in leaving nicholas to idle nearly 3 hours away before their plane to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui province took off. It actually only turned out to be an hour late but they still needed to let the hotel and car hire company know they would be late and he spent his time working and watching and episode of ‘The Mosquito Coast’. When they were given permission to board everyone was issued with rain macs as it was a transfer service to the actual plane which was again in the furthest possible location. It was teeming with rain and he was one of the few who utilised the free lurid yellow mac. He was a little worried that they would be flying in storms and that it would be a trip beset with turbulence but it was surprisingly smooth and by the time they got there the rain had abated. It was dark though and he was delighted to discover that the car rental company picked them up from the airport and took them to the office to complete the paperwork. What an amazing service was provided by the car companies and not something he was used to experiencing in the west which, more often than not involved a lengthy search for the remote car hire office. The car was smart and within the hour they were at the hotel and checking in. They were given an upgrade to a suite with a bath and for the first time since he had been in Hangzhou over a year before he was able to enjoy a soak in a tub, one of the pleasures he missed from home. They were climbing the mountain the next day and as it was already late going to bed was imperative. He still could not quite believe he was getting too enjoy another part of China when only 6 days previously he though he would already be back in the UK. Fortune had smiled once again and sleep swiftly followed its wide happy grin.

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