Mang Zhong Arrives.

Nicholas Quirke was feeling tired and the last thing he wanted to do on 6 June 2021 was go to the school and teach. He blamed the high temperatures for his ennui and consoled himself with the thought that the afternoon could, in fact, would be spent in inertia. It was a significant solar date in the Chinese Callander Mang Zhong which translated to Grain in Ear, when the weather becomes significantly hotter and it’s the ideal harvest period for crops such as wheat and barley. The amount of rainfall also increases and they were entering the Plum Rain season (also known as Mei Yu in Chinese). With the day characterised by high temperatures and possible precipitation he maintained a steady paced cycle to the school along his usual route. Fortunately the children were clearly feeling the heat too and it was a relief to him that they were moderately docile for their lesson and for once they got plenty of work done. Chloe too was low maintenance in the increasing heat and with both classes passing without incident he rode the subway home. To mark Mang Zhong they switched the leaves on the Lego bonsai from blossom to green leaves and ordered a Huangshan style wrap for tea in honour of their next destination. A new drama ‘Lissy’s Story’, from the pen of Stephen King and with the steller cast of Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Joan Allen was being broadcast and they spent the day watching episodes 1 and 2 before giving the evening to ‘Flashback’ to which The ‘Monty Python’ catch phrase “My brain hurts” could be applied as the perfect description of how he felt watching the film. The story of parallel timelines and the rapid editing had him so confused that he really didn’t know where he was. That said, there was something he liked and kept him watching. Maybe it was the enthralling presence of the time shifting Dylan O’Brien. Its hadn’t really got much cooler and with the AC whirling he took to his bed and a slightly restless sleep.

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