Parking, Plant Based and Pictures Pleasure

Nicholas Quirke was in an ‘I love the world’ mood on 29 May 2021 after having spent the day indulging in some of his favourite pastimes. They had booked to see another film at the National Film Museum which naturally meant a bike ride but into the the mix had been added a cycle to a nearby park in the Wangjing district they had eaten in the week before and lunch at a restaurant using plant based meats in their menu before seeing the only screening of ‘A Quiet Place 2’ in the late afternoon. It was a day out in the city and combined subway and cycling to get there and this was in the atmosphere of another brilliant blue sky. It was a 4 km ride through the district which included a couple of landmark sights he was familiar with including a gas works and another SoHo mall development. The park marked a spot where the Emperor Qianlong took a rest and could see the walls of the city and thus he named the area Wangjing. The park sat on the outskirts of a gleaming, towering business district which, as it was the weekend felt deserted. The views of the skyscrapers from the park had an unexpected beauty, particularly in the cloudless sunny day. It was an enjoyable walk through the park including a foot massage walk where they removed their shoes and walked the 250m on pebbles. He had imagined it would be more painful but found it quite therapeutic aside from the odd sharp rock. They were lunching at a restaurant called Wobbit, which had a rabbit theme to their image and though the food was nice it was too traditional western, burgers to satisfy him. They needed to get to the cinema and another cycle ride was on the cards and it wasn’t long before he realised that he was on exactly the same route he had been on when he got woefully lost trying to find the museum when he first visited it in 2020 and to his surprise it meant taking the same short cut through the woods and over a bridge spanning 2 highways that he had trod before. It had been such an bizarre path he had thought he would never take that route again yet to his amusement he was on it and couldn’t stop from laughing. They were early at the cinema and spent some time looking at the museum exhibits again, in particular the floor he hadn’t had much of a chance to see. The huge panorama walkway had been closed on his previous visits but on this occasion it’s was a open and he had the opportunity to experience the feeling of being in the landscapes projected onto the giant screen. He remembered having really enjoyed ‘A Quiet Place’ believed that It is rare for a sequel to grip in the way the original did, but he actually felt it may well be an Improvement on the first. Some great shock moments that had him squirming in his seat and left him with expectations of and begging for a third. They cycled the 4 km back to the subway and got home with just enough time to enjoy another film at home and ‘Supervova, was as far away from the tensions of the movie they had seen earlier as it could be. He thought there were fine performances from Colin Firth and Stanly Tucci and some beautiful scenery but they were the only things that bought the story to life for him and the introduction into what should have been a two hander  of ‘other people’ felt awkward and lacked the clarity that the protagonists storyline held but it still managed to touch him. He had been in the fresh air, he had satisfied his cravings for film and fun and it was a happy sleep that overtook him.

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