The Ordinary Life

Nicholas Quirke was still not getting the lie in, the rest that he craved on Sunday 9 May 2021 as it was back to school and teaching and the ordinary life. He was determined though that he would teach and then head straight back home where he would do nothing. He set off at 7.30 and it was already a glorious day and he was immediately inspired to cycle the whole way. He had intended to take the subway and take it easy but though tired he could not resist the lure of the wheel and he thoroughly enjoyed his morning ride. He enjoyed his morning class too with Michael and Apple in excitable and happy form. Without a thought of spending more time in the sun he headed straight back home on the subway to an afternoon and evening of more chilling out in front of the big screen, starting with watching an episode a new HBO tv Series ‘Mare of Eastfield’, After ‘Titanic’ he had not had much respect for Kate Winslet, though to his relief she had redeemed herself in his eyes in ‘Extras’ and ‘The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ otherwise he might have missed this tour-de-force as a hefty, earthy troubled cop. It was gripping drama and he wanted more. ‘Things Heard and Seen’, despite its fine cast did not suffice though it was momentarily creepy but an unbelievable denouement left him craving his bed and sleep. The sense of life taking on a regular and ordinary beat after his glorious trip was a dominant feeling for him on 10 May 2021 and the day although filled with soaring temperatures and blue skies was filled with the mundane and boring. It was back to smoothies for breakfast, sorting out his iCloud, updating his blog which, as he was days behind felt like he was reliving the joyous moments, lunch and another cycle ride to an afternoon tea in The Little Nap Cafe to prepare for the slew of classes he had that week till it was time for him to teach Jean. The highlight sighting of his day was seeing a plethora of fire extinguishers on the sidewalk. At home, after a refreshing shower they watched a really lovely and quirky film which depicted the mores of rural life with touching charm. Two farmers play detective when their friend is left in a coma after a supposed car accident. The integrity of the aging protagonists, the situations they found themselves in and the eventual resolution were both funny and profound. He was impressed that the performers were all amateurs giving the piece added veracity for him. To say it is a Chinese ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ may denigrate it in some eyes but the character driven plot was delivered with the same affectionate and unpretentious feel that the original series held in the 70s and he found it truly refreshing. It helped him to renew his vigour and he looked forward to the next day when he could attack life with his usual level of energy after a good nights sleep.

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