How Much is That Tea!

Nicholas Quirke was delighted by the end of the day on 21 April 2021 to have solved the tech problems that he had recently felt cursed by. He had spent the past couple of days downloading a huge amount of video footage that had been accumulating in his iCloud since 12 January 2020. There were over 19,000 segments of anything from 5 seconds to 8 minutes that was choking files across his tools and with the date issue his GoPro had developed now solved with the delivery of a new camera he was ready and excited to be working again. The most surprising thing for him was that once he had downloaded enough files, he was now down to a more manageable 13,500  and had them ready for transfer to a 2TB flash drive that arrived that morning, the space he had created cured all the tech ills he had been experiencing for the past couple of months. Suddenly his phone and his IPad were talking again and the alacrity with which information was being shared was a wonder to behold. If he wasn’t suffering acute discomfort from his unfriendly Hemorrhoids he might even have danced for joy. To reward himself for starting to make a difference he decided to go to the Chinese  Anglican Church Bookstore and have tea which, he had walked out of previously as it was so expensive. With the cheapest tea on offer being the equivalent of £12 it required a special and probably one time only visit. The surroundings were comfortable and unique and sharing the cost with Peng would make it a more affordable and it was also an opportunity for Peng to see this interesting local relic. On arrival he discovered to his annoyance he found he had left his iPad at home. Fortunately it was only 1.5km away and he left the cafe got on a bike and within 15 minutes had got his hardware and was comfortably seated and sipping the costly brew. He realised that he was not enough of a connoisseur to decide if the tea was worth the 170 yuan they paid. It was nice and the afternoon passed with him finally getting his footage and photographs from Shanxi downloaded onto his iPad and in some order. Though the date issue meant that he had to trawl from January 2016 to locate some material.  He was able to put a blog together and carry on with the process of emptying the downloaded files into his new flash drive. The industry continued into the evening and as he had an online lesson with Dylan at 9pm he forsook watching a movie in favour of working. His class did not go terribly well as Dylan seemed inattentive and slow at picking up the exercises. Though he did get him to do some reading. Once the class was over he prepared himself for another nights sleep.

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