Mission Accomplished

Nicholas Quirke was feeling like he was on a mission on 20 April 2021 and began his day early with a trip to the Exit Entry bureau to collect his passport. This was the official document that was proof of his stay in China till the 8th of June. He needed this to report to the police station to get his residence permit which, he had to send to the community office who would then organise a COVID vaccination. When he had observed friends and family in the UK getting vaccinated he had not imagined that he would have been in China long enough to receive the Sinovac and had anticipated receiving his on the return to England’s shores. But he was still here and he would now have similar protection against the virus, though there was talk of having to have the European vaccine when he did get back anyway. His morning felt hectic and by the time he had finished at the police station and returned home he was feeling like he had done a days work already. His work though was never ending as the painstaking downloading of videos from iCloud continued but he has already made small progress and had been able to finally download some of the video from his GoPro. It was less of a headache now he had a routine to the process but it was slow and time consuming. He had work that afternoon and couldn’t stop himself after a raw salad lunch from finding time in the Little Nap tea rooms to do more work before tackling the boisterous boys of his reading class. It was imperative for him to resolve the issues and to get up to date as the coming Monday marked a change to his routine and he was prepare for travel again and in particular he was looking forward to enjoying the labour day holiday in one of the most mysterious and exotic sounding places that he had only ever dreamed of seeing since reading James Hilton’s Lost Horizon and seeing the corny but compelling musical, which was considered a flop, of the same name with music by Burt Bacharach and which he has adored. The thoughts of the upcoming travel kept him calm during the class and though they were far from completing the work he didn’t let it bother him a good game of hangman excited and cheered them. With the iCloud imperative keeping him occupied there was no movie that night and he continued to work until it was time to sleep.

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