King of Vintage

Nicholas Quirke was mistaken by the owner of TYV for fashion designer Nigel Caboun. on 18 April 2021 and when he was shown the instagram page of the British fashion guru he agreed that the image was strikingly similar and it felt as if his persona had been stolen whilst he traipsed the east. Having to deal with a multitude of technical problems beginning with the new GoPro and continuing into his ICloud storage and problems with IMovie he was not in the best of moods when he set of early for work. His GoPro was being returned to the suppliers as the problem he was experiencing was a recognised issue and he had to use his phone to record elements off his day. It was sunny and warm but his mood was still sour and the children in his class did not make it any easier to find the lust for life being in Shanxi had made him feel. He was meeting Peng for lunch at TYV which had moved from the location he was familiar with to a spot in a Hutong near Lama Temple. It was a glorious day to cycle in and his mood started to improve but when the GPS map kept sending him round in circles his total exasperation with technology erupted and when he was finally guided to the location by Peng it took some time before he could see the lighter side of life. The colorful culinary artists now at Peiping Machine’s Sour Tower had a mostly brand new menu and his cheerier mood was helped by the food a free glass of Kombucha and the conversation they shared with TYV’s owner who was convinced he was a fashion designer. Though disappointed he was just a run of the mill citizen she shared a lot about the restaurant, its origins and her life. She had become Vegan when she adopted a dog, the restaurant moved because they could not find a permanent affordable lease; the chef they had met with a beagle when it had first opened in January had had to return home as her father was sick, they were the only restaurant in Beijing to serve Sour Tower beer and they had an exclusive deal for Beijing with Omnipork based in Shanghai, ousting an international burger chain which, delighted him. The notion of a place moving every few months appealed to him it must be frustrating for the regular customers to have to find the location again. As dark as the previous venue had been this was light. Glass fronted with a graffitied patio where they sat and dined. There was also an offer of a free eco tote bag if you posted a picture on a restaurant app of their new vegan desert and though he couldn’t negotiate the workings of the app he was given a bag all they same. The experience cheered him up but he still had the mountain ahead of him of resolving his technical issues and once home he began the laborious, time consuming attempt to rectify the ills of his mechanical world. Despair set in as he worked with no seeming positive effect. It was going to take more than an evening and shutting down shop was the only answer. He may be thought to be stylish and the king of vintage but it was not a satisfying enough appellation to afford him a easy nights sleep.

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