Calming Down

Nicholas Quirke was expecting to feel some adverse reaction on 23. April 2021 to the inoculation and he felt slightly guilty that his experience was not more troubled. He was still worried about having taken a shower and how that might affect the behaviour of the vaccine that had been injected into him but it was only a fleeting concern. It was going to be a day of getting work done and he continued to reduce the film in his iicloud before he and Peng went on a mission to Hopson One Mall primarily to try some new dishes that Qi Ye Qing Tang Nan were serving but also to look for a couple of new shirts to take on his next adventure which, would begin on Monday. The restaurant specialised in Hong Kong cuisine and the dishes with plant based meat were interesting though not the best he had tasted. They called in at Uniqlo and he got his shirts and some socks and then he led them to a tea rooms he had last been been to in October. Despite there being tables available they ended up sitting with an adult size Teddy Bear. He worked on trying to catch up on the hiatus his blog had experienced for the rest of the afternoon. They had not intended to eat out up as they were very close to Qmex the vegan burritos on offer called to them and off they went. This meant that they were home late and it was another evening without a movie and he compensated for the lack of this with continuing to try and reduce the the number of films he had accumulated. Without the added thought or mood provoking cinematic experience he was able to go to sleep easily and maintain his somnambulistic state for a remarkable eight hours. The quality of his sleep should have left him prepared for an active and busy day on 24 April 2021 but Nicholas had no remorse on allowing his day to end up being confined to the flat and not a single step out into the streets or lifting of his GoPro to record a moment, a sight, a passing fancy. Not that his day was spent idly, after a breakfast of Jain Bing he ironed for the upcoming trip, and watched the devastating documentary ‘The Cove’ set in Japan’s curiously sociopathic town of Taiji which, the equallay devastating and disturbing ‘Seaspiracy’ touched on. He completed packing, wrestled with technology, exercised and wasted a couple of hours watching the unmemorable ‘Mortal Kombat. With a two week exploration of another part of China ahead of him staying calm and relatively inactive was an welcome bonus and thought it had been a sedate day he still found it in himself to sleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

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