Disturbed Equilibrium

Nicholas Quirke was regretful of his indulgence from the previous day on 11 April 2021 when with barely any sleep and an upset stomach he had to make his way to work and face the vagaries of the children he had to teach. Fortunately they were relatively well behaved and he did not suffer too much from his malaise. He had intended to go home, catch up on the sleep he lost and recover but his spirits having revived a little he joined Peng at Jing Ding Xuan for lunch. He even managed to cycled the 5km there though his attempts to record some of the journey failed abysmally. On arriving at the restaurant the wind was strong and the renowned ‘fluff’ from the catkins was blowing ferociously. He could not face any oily food and contented himself with a bowl of Congee and two red bean Bao that were clearly made for children as they came with a colourful cat’s face and ribbons. He felt a little better for having eaten something but was not up for a long afternoon out and they headed home once lunch was over. It was the perfect time to relax in front of movie and ‘Chaos Walking’, a futuristic western posse hunt down innocent fugitives, suited him. it was a great concept of life on a planet where thoughts were visible. The effects of his morning affliction and though he managed to stay awake for the latest instalment of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier before having an early night and a much needed sleep. Nicholas Quirke was refreshed and alert when he woke on 12 April 2021. He was going to play it safe though and had a lazy morning and prepared raw food salad, made hummus as he needed to have something his stomach would not riot over. Some of the leftovers of mushroom and chives from Saturday’s lunch made it into the salad but a minimal amount. The main activity of the day was again teaching and rather than cycle and find a favoured tea room he decided he would subway and go straight there. The lesson with Jean was a delight as always and he went straight home. He used the trip to play with the new GoPro. He was delighted to not have the shaky camera anymore and that the filming look smooth. The day had slipped by him with very little attention to anything and when he was finally home sitting down and watching ‘Twighlight’s Kiss’, a Hong Kong film about two family men who have lived their lives in the shadows finding love in old age. It was touching and a calm end to the day. The remaining activity after the movie was to go to bed and to sleep.

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