A Lull.

Nicholas Quirke had really slowed down on 13 April 2021 and its was fair to say he was experiencing a lull but as always when things had lulled there was promise of a storm ahead. As he often experienced he was beset with technical challenges and with his i-cloud telling him he was still at his limit it was another morning spent trying to purge the wealth of material he had accumulated in the 16 months since he had left the uk. It was a beautiful day, another day when he was teaching and after another raw salad lunch he braced the sunshine and cycled all the way to Chaoyangmen and The Little Nap cafe at Galaxy Mall. Work with the reading class was as always something of a chore as the class had seemed to lose sight of what they were meant to do. He called Jenny in re-educate them in what they were expected to do. Things seemed a little better after that. He was delighted to see that the smoothie Ice Lollies he had made were ready and they were able to eat as they watched ‘Dear Tenant’ a thoughtful mystery love story from Taiwan. With only sleep left to complete the day he took to his bed and readied himself for a busy day on 14 April 2021. Wednesday meant routine chores and as he continued to strip his iCloud of redundant video and photos he dusted and mopped. As a reward they went to Guamo to the World China Mall for lunch at the healthy eatery ‘Green Options’ though not before traipsing around looking for Nespresso for some coffee and were sent on a goose chase around the department trying to find where to pay for the product. Lunch was good and was followed by a tea in Teasure which, again proved to be hard to locate. It was however a comfortable place to be till it was time to go home for another online class with Dylan. On the way out of the mall they stumbled upon a fascinating photography exhibition. There was north time for a film before his class and for once the evening passed without a film too deliberate upon. The next day he was travelling and that meant packing for a couple of days away and an early night. He welcomed sleeping in anticipation of his next days adventures.

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