Nicholas Quirke was determined to relax on 7 April 2021 as it still felt like he had not really stopped since returning from the south and on a day when he should have been fulfilling chores, he eschewed any form of work. Peng had caught the Lego bug since completing the extravagant Chinese New Year model and his search for the floral bouquet, a big hit in China, had ended and with two constructions waiting to be built the morning was devoted to Lego. He was always amazed at how inventive the fabrication of the designs were. The flowers were put together and looked fabulous and with these put in a vase for display work began on the bonsai tree which came with and option to display the tree in blossom or with leaves. Both options were assembled but the in bloom version was adopted and put on the shelves. Time consuming, fun immensely relaxing. Nicholas was still in the midst of his 48 hour fast and to avoid lunch and the pain of watching food being eaten he went to the 1920 cafe at Caishikou to read and work. He had originally planned to go to Jing Shan park to catch the gardens in bloom but he put it off to the next day, favouring a less taxing day. Coincidentally he discovered he had actually been to the park on that exact day the previous year. This was definitely the season when Beijing looked resplendent and walking back through the local parkland was sufficiently beautiful with the blooming cherry and peach trees offset against the windy blue skies. He had an online student that evening and as a result the evening viewing was limited to catching up on the latest episode of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’. A new documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ had been released charting the offences against marine life and with a little time to kill he started watching the horrors that were being committed on Whales, Dolphins and Sharks. There is no excuse for the obscene waste of life and fuming with rage at the world he took to his bed and sleep


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