Vegan Eating

Nicholas Quirke was concerned that the air quality rating was over 2000 and the polluted sky had an orange hue on 28 March 2021, making it look like he was in a sepia tinted film. He went out armed against the atmosphere and though he had been warned not to cycle he braved the transport to get him to the subway. There was a strong wind blowing too that made his progress to the school slow. He had busy day ahead of him with a full morning at school. Michael and Apple were restless and Chloe was tired and bored and clearly did not want to put her mind to the task. He was relieved to follow the enervating morning with lunch and after having battled the wind met Peng at Blossom, one of his favourite restaurants with a seemingly endlesss menu. They took photographs and reported the meal to the Vegan March WeChat group before walking to cafe cinema where they had spent part of Peng’s birthday. The cafe was small a d a smug group of Laowai chess players seemed to have taken over the space with Chess boards on all the tables. Even though there were only two players the aficionados made it clear that they or anyone else was not welcome in that space. Though there was a rooftop it was not the kind of air you wanted to breathe in and they found a table and dragged it to a spot that had some natural light and drank their tea and ate the exquisite Vegan cake that was on offer. . In the Oscar best film quest it was decided to watch ‘The Father’ which Peng had been reluctant to see but was such a compelling cinema he was completely won over. Another giant of British acting tackling the terrifying prospect of Alzheimer’s. It was not the most mellow of films to end the day on but he was pleased to find that sleep did not elude him and when he woke on 29 March 2021 he was ready for a day ahead of final preparations for his trip Guangzhou. These began with a trip to Xuanwu Hospital to have a nucleic acid test. Through it was not strictly asked for by hotels he felt it was was better to be prepared for the unexpected. The swab down his throat passed without incident and he and Peng went for a breakfast at a local cafe of a delicious rice pudding, black sesame milk and a local delicacies of twisted dough with a glutinous rice filling. There was an small incident when he went to collect the order as the waitress started shouting at him when he tried to take the tray. Finally, Peng hearing a commotion came to the rescue. It turned out the one Item they were there for, the twisted dough, would take a while to make did they still want it. Yes, was the answer and he was glad as it was very tasty. Next on the agenda was ironing, packing and making lunch with the food left in the fridge, He fried some tempeh to go with the Quinoa and Peng ordered a couple additional dishes. They had an early start the next day and once he had finished teaching the lovely Jean he returned home. It was an early flight which, meant getting up at 4.30am and to ensure he had the maximum hours sleep he needed he was in bed and comatose by nine o’clock.


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