Beijing Cycling

Nicholas Quirke was back to cycling round Beijing on 9 March 2021 as the temperatures had improved and he was enjoying not having to be layered up or wearing gloves. He was delighted that he could whiz around the streets and enjoy the city from his saddle without losing all sensation in his fingers and face. He was very confident of his bearings now and even when going somewhere new he was no longer reliant on google maps and as long as he knew the direction he could get himself there with no problem. He was particularly enjoying cycling during the CCP meeting as soldiers and officials were prominent sights at the subway stations and in the streets and he enjoyed the pomp and colour that came with it. The interruption to the internet was not welcome but he was managing to get his work done despite the slowness. His morning passed un-memorably with ironing and preparing lunch but once these tasks were out of the way he was free to take his time and cruise to Galaxy mall for tea before adding another string to his teaching bow with a reading class. He was taking on five new students and they would be doing reading and comprehension with him. On arriving at the mall he discovered that an advert appeared to be being filmed amongst the distinctive architecture and he took the opportunity to film and photograph the proceedings until he was told off by an official and he slunk inside to the Little Nap Cafe to prepare for the afternoon. It was always fun meeting new students and the 4 boys, of different ages were puzzled but excited to have an English tutor. he struggled for some time to get the name of one of the boys which turned out to be Bowen and unusually was his Chinese name, all the others including the girl Anna who joined them had their own English version of their name. The class went well and later that evening the school head sent him a couple of videos that the parents had filmed of them reading quite fluently the story they had read with him. The parents were pleased and was pleased to be earning more money. He was going to have a class on Wednesday and Thursday too which meant he now had six classes to teach and these would bring him in enough to live on. The film that evening turned out to be a compelling alien invasion thriller with a disappearing John Goodman at the helm. A satisfying film, he found, always led to a satisfying sleep

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