Sunday School

Nicholas Quirke was back to teaching on Sunday mornings on 7 March 2021 and from now on it was going to be a marathon starting at nine am and finishing at one. Four solid hours of sharing his dulcet English tones and knowledge with feisty Chinese youngsters. Was it because the students were fresh from their holiday, though they all complained of the homework they had had to do over the four week break and the consensus was New Year was Bu Hau,, but spirits were high and both classes went well. For him too it was good see them again and he did enjoy himself. He was looking forward though to the morning being over and he could make his way to meet Peng at the Emperor Cinema to see Disney’s latest offering with an Asian setting, ‘Raya and The Last Dragon’, a 3D animation. After the trivial ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie he was feeling luke warm about seeing another ‘children’s film built he actually found it had a lot to commend itself for with plenty of fun and action to suit his tastes. He did find the ‘pacy banter’ and the cloyingly sweet, cuddly toy dragons a little too saccharine to stomach but the overall message of trust and peace on earth was touchingly expressed and made it definitely worth seeing. Seeing a film did not stop them enjoying another movie that evening and the completely crazy ‘Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar’ was not something he had was fun, really silly with some perfect absolutely laugh out moments and he would treasure the garrulous pair’s inflight fantasy conversation on the name ‘Trish’ for a long, long time. He seemed to have had a long and busy day and schooling had left him with little excitement of adventure but it did mean he was ready to shut his eyes for the night when it came to sleeping.

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