Humdrum Day

Nicholas Quirke was wondering what he could do to spice up the every day on 3 March 2021 and realised that he had missed a trick when he was shown a You Tube of a Chinese Vegan restaurant detective. He had thought of making a video of his vegan journey in china, but it seemed that someone else was now on the trail. Still it was a good idea and maybe as an Englishman in Beijing there could still be some mileage in making a purely food video. It was another routine day with domestic chores dominating the morning, including the making of a visually pleasing carrot and beetroot curry. The arrival of a new mirror found him on a step ladder and drilling holes into concrete; another task where time spiralled out of control but once it was mounted the space immediately looked less cluttered. He was teaching in the evening and once lunch was consumed he headed for Chaoyangmen and the Little Nap Cafe in Galaxy mall where he worked until it was time to teach. His students that afternoon were Yuda and the twins Anthony and Alex, who the last time he had seen them had behaved really badly, fought and been rude to him. He started the class on the ‘Past Continuous’ with a reminder of their behaviour which, he would not tolerate and he thought was a nice segue into the class topic. The class was actually entertaining and he learned about how they had spent their respective New Year. Another uneventful day which, he made more interesting for himself by taking photographs and filming his journey. It was intriguing when he spotted two separate individuals displaying a quirky fashion trend that he had seen before but ignored. Wearing spectacles, sunglasses on the back of the head seemed to be de-riguer among the youth and was definitely not a custom he would adopt. ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ was the film for the evening and hearing and seeing Glenda Jackson in action was like being bathed in honey. As unsettling as the topic of dementia is, seeing this brave actress explore the cadences of the loss of mind and control was thrilling. Though he mourned slightly her 25 year disappearance from performing onstage its was a blessing that she was back weaving the magic he had grown up with once again. Despite the largely mundane aspect of his day he still felt tired and ready when the time came for sleep.

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